Lotts Allergin Details 2014 / 2015

Soup of the day-dairy

Roast Chicken Supreme- dairy

Oyster Beef salad; Seafood, Nuts

Herbed Goats cheese Salad-gluten, dairy

Curry–dairy, nuts

Oven-baked Salmon –gluten, dairy

Battered Cod- gluten, eggs

Lamb Shank and broth –Eggs

Pork Chops & mash-dairy

Chicken & Chorizo pasta-dairy, gluten, eggs

Spinach pasta- dairy, gluten, eggs

Carbonara- dairy gluten, eggs

Traditional Irish Beef Stew -Nothing

Lamb Burger- gluten,eggs,dairy

Lamb Burger- gluten,eggs,dairy

Seafood Pasta- gluten,eggs,dairy,seafood

Homemade Beef Burger- dairy,eggs,nuts

Mexican Burger-nuts,gluten,eggs,dairy

Mushroom Burger-nuts,gluten,eggs,dairy

Marinated Chicken Breast-nuts,gluten,eggs

Steaks-lighty seasoned with salt & pepper

Chicken Caesar salad –,eggs gluten,dairy

Fajitas- gluten,dairy


Side Mash-dairy

Side chips-gluten

Salad –no allergies

Salad dressing-

Side baby potatoes-dairy

Side Mushrooms & onions-no allergies

Pepper sauce-dairy

Mushroom sauce-dairy

Garlic butter-dairy

Pasta’s ;gluten, eggs

Most sauces- dairy (Please check with management)

Full Irish Mini Breakfast –dairy,eggs,gluten

Farmers grill-eggs and gluten

Scrambled Eggs & toast-dairy,Eggs,gluten

Chorizo omlette-dairy and Gluten

Eggs Benedict / Eggs Florentine –eggs,dairy & gluten

Smoked Salmon on brown bread-dairy,gluten,eggs

Toasties / Sandwiches & Wraps -gluten,dairy, eggs

Calamari-eggs, gluten

Humus board-gluten, dairy and nuts

Cheese Board-gluten,dairy


Meat balls- gluten,eggs,dairy

Chowder- dairy, gluten,seafood

Coddle-gluten and dairy

Bangers & Mash-dairy and gluten

Baileys & Toblerone Cheesecake-dairy,gluten

Apple crumble-dairy,gluten

Chocolate Nut Brownie-Nuts,dairy,gluten

Sticky Toffee-Nuts,dairy,gluten,eggs

Ice creams-Dairy

Hot Platters- Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Eggs

Please notify management of any allergies, some dishes contain nuts. All our beef is of Irish origin

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