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The Lotts Drink recommendations

07 January 2019

At the Lotts we are always trying to promoting Irish Brands where we can across the bar. Some of the brands stocked are:

Pale Ale

Galway Hooker Irish Pale Ale is the most popular style ofcraft beer in the country.

Galwav Hooker Honev Beer5.3%

Subtle ,earthy,wood and toffee flavours fromthe honey with floral and grassy notes from the hops.

60 KnotsIndian Pale Ale 6.5%

This isa flavouresome beer with citrus,cedar & spicy notes,a fruity aroma and a well balanced malt backbone.

Irish Stout (Bottle only)

A silky smooth dark beer with roasted malt flavours & a rich coffee aroma.


Some other Irish favourites

BRO ager 4.2%Aev

A crisp refreshing lager,full bodied unlike other watery mainstream lagers. BRU Lager goes perfectly with spicy foods especially curry, chicken and fish. (Gluten Free)

BRO Session PaleAle 4.5%aev

BRU Pale Aleis packed with citrus,pear & kiwi flavours. Made with 100%Irish malted barley,goes perfectly with smoked salmon,most seafood, summer salads,chicken or anything off the BBQ.

Bulmers Cider(Availabe on tap & in pint bottles)

Ireland's favorite cider is patiently vat matured to deliver a pure, crisp,refreshing flavour & natural character.

Archway  Lager 4%ABV

Archway Lager has a clear golden body, early  hoparoma,light pear and malt sweetness,beautifully  balanced, accessible & distinctive,making Archway immediately satisfying from the first sip.


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